What is LandSlide?

Welcome to the LandSlide project page. LandSlide is a image slide show generator/editor which renders a slideshow MPEG or AVI formatted file that is capable of being played onto a computer or played on a DVD to view on your TV set. LandSlide has its roots from the orginal Manslide program written by Stephane Gibault where his design goals were a streamlined feature rich, simplistic interface that is easy to use. LandSlide has completely different design goals in mind. Features such as Symmetrical Multi Processing multi-threading,distributed processing, relational database support to aid with photo and OpenGL animated sequence management are just a few features the project aims to achieve in the future.

What LandSlide is not

The LandSlide is not meant to be a replacement for the Manslide project by Stephane Gibault. LandSlide has different goals than Manslide. In fact, you are better off sticking with Manslide because it is doubtful that most people would need the powerhouse features planned for the LandSlide project, or likely you may very well grow old and pass on before LandSlide achieves its goals. Let's hope not! LandSlide is open to anyone who wants to try it out. Anyone who contributes to the project is welcome with open arms. The project encourages novices as well as veterans to contribute to the project. We need you!.

This first release of LandSlide sources are in beta. Feature requests are being accepted for the software so feel free to ask. Please note the beta releases and all releases that will be prior to 1.0 will be sources only. When LandSlide reaches STABLE status with a 1.0 release then binary packages may be released as seperate downloads. Please be sure to check out the Software requirements panel to the right before proceeding. Ensure all the necessary software is installed before attempting to build thye LandSlide sources. Check with the documentation for your particular GNU Linux distribution on how to do this.

Software Requirements

  1. QT Version 4.2.2 or greater
  2. Toolame Version 02l or greater
  3. Ecasound 2.4.4 or greater
  4. Sox 12.18 or greater
  5. Mplayer 1.0_rc1 or greater


Note: QT must be greater than or equal to the version listed. The other software listed may or may not work with lower versions. Use lower versions at your own risk. The software listed above is what is used on the development machines.



  1. Online Doxygen HTML format



Screen Shots

  • Opening screen

  • LDE - Landslide Photo Data Editor

  • Audio Config Panel

  • Starfield Blend filter

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